At Carolina Ear Care, audiologist Dr. Chad B. Fox provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and treatment options for hearing loss in adults of all ages. From young adults with injury-related hearing loss to mature seniors suffering from the aging process, everyone is able to hear more clearly with our customized hearing care.

We offer the following comprehensive audiology services:

Having your hearing evaluated by our skilled audiologist, Dr. Fox, is the first step in determining if hearing loss is present and getting the high-quality care you need to communicate more effectively. We offer many state-of-the-art hearing solutions, including open-air hearing aids, which provide a very discreet look – no one will ever know you struggle with hearing difficulties.

Dr. Fox provides direct access to himself, answering personally when you call our West Columbia audiology practice during regular business hours. Dr. Fox is committed to improving patient outcomes by providing low-cost options for your hearing care, from free hearing screenings to matching competitors’ prices on hearing devices.

Struggling to make sense of what people are saying in a crowd, or constantly asking others to repeat themselves? It’s time for a hearing screening with Dr. Fox to determine your level and hearing loss and which hearing aids will work best for you. Please request an appointment online, or call our West Columbia, South Carolina audiology office today at (803) 926-2220.

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